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Buy it Now
Yellow head
I've put one of my more popular prints on eBay, if anyone is interested? Check out the link below. There are ten available on Buy it Now, so you won't have to bother with the tiresome bidding process.

Click here.

Edit bit. The prints are A4: width 210 mm (8.27 in.), Height 297 mm (11.69 in), and the price is now £8.00 (I've just reduced it), which is around 14.00 dollars.

Courtyard and Steps

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oh so awesome and awesome and awesome!

Hi TallGuy. Looks like I made it over here ... though my diary's a bit sparse as yet (no entries for the moment). Since hyphens aren't allowed in a username, Johnny-Jane is now rose_anglaise for the purposes of the LJ experience. I was curious/concerned about the privacy features here, but they seem better than those at OD - are they? Hope to see you around.

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