darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Snakes and Ladders

Can't sleep. This being due to the fact that I had a dreadful migraine during the day, which obliged me to go to bed in the afternoon for a few hours. Feeling better now.

Anyway, in a few short hours I'll be back on placement on one of the nearby psychiatric hospital's acute wards. I'll be doing two twelve hour shifts a week, plus a short four hour shift. Sorta looking forward to it, sorta not. I'll report back here and tell you what my first day was like, next entry.

This pic was done in a effort to find some new way of drawing a cityscape. You know how some ideas just jump out of you? I was doodling away, when I found myself drawing a ladder against one of the buildings. The idea of the snakes and ladders then bloomed fully-formed in my head. I've no idea what it's about.

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