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Tall Guy's Photo Adventure
diversion sign
Summer evening shot, taken just along the street from where I live. It was at this very spot, a month or so back, that I was very nearly beaten up by a young lout who, seeing me with a camera, accused me of being a pervert. This has not put me off at all. I'll take photos where and when I like.

Summer Dusk

I had a devil of a job getting this zebra into the house to photograph it.


Self portrait with blue face. Many public toilets these days are lit with ultra-violet light, in order to make it difficult for heroin addicts to find a vein to shoot up with. It doesn't entirely work. In recent times, two heroin addicts were found dead from overdoes, in a similarly lit public toilet in The Town Where I Live. One of them was an ex-patient of mine.

Blue Face

My legs aren't really this long.

Long Legs

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your legs are so that long - when you come & visit we have to tell you to keep your shoes on so that you don't use your toes to change channels on the telly while you're sat on the sofa across the room.

My legs are so long that I don't need to leave my sofa to kick you where you are.

Blue Face looks like I feel these days
The zebra looks kinda-holy!
All your photos are so cool. Have you ever exhibited?

Exhibited? No, but it's a thought.

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