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Tall Guy's Photo Adventure

Summer evening shot, taken just along the street from where I live. It was at this very spot, a month or so back, that I was very nearly beaten up by a young lout who, seeing me with a camera, accused me of being a pervert. This has not put me off at all. I'll take photos where and when I like.

Summer Dusk

I had a devil of a job getting this zebra into the house to photograph it.


Self portrait with blue face. Many public toilets these days are lit with ultra-violet light, in order to make it difficult for heroin addicts to find a vein to shoot up with. It doesn't entirely work. In recent times, two heroin addicts were found dead from overdoes, in a similarly lit public toilet in The Town Where I Live. One of them was an ex-patient of mine.

Blue Face

My legs aren't really this long.

Long Legs
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