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Are You Bored with my Photos Yet?
diversion sign
I go through little obsessions and photography is the current one. I'm sure it'll burn out soon and I'll return to drawing.

Although I've now got an amazing high-tech super digital camera, I still have a soft spot for the humble low-tech Lomo LC1. I'd forgotten, until I had to scan a load of Lomo photos in, just what good a camera it is. The little Russian camera has a quality unlike any other. The lens is very slightly convex, so the images are subtly distorted and darkened toward the edges of the frame. Colours always seem slightly enhanced, and of course, the camera excels in low-light conditions.

Three pics taken with my Lomo LC1.

My favourite dawn shot, taken just outside the house, looking across crappy wasteland and disused factory buildings towards the far side of the canal,


Houses in Kinsale, Republic of Ireland.


Disintegrating aircraft vapour trail.

Wispy Cloud

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Bored? Definitely not. Things of beauty always welcome here.

not bored at all! I'm enjoying them very much.

I'm really enjoying your photos.

I'm definitely not bored with your photos... envious perhaps! They're really good.

keep the photos coming - your worldview leaks into them

I like your feel for colour and for tonal extremes

I really like the first two pics- I always find the "normal" such as an urban setting like this,so beautiful when ppl capture the small beauties of life inside it like you have here.

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