darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham


How to attract a ghost. At night, before sleeping, leave your hand out over the edge of the bed. Ghosts are highly attracted to the sight of a hand in the darkness. Time will pass, but persevere, because, beyond midnight, just when you are about to give up on the experiment, something cold will shockingly grip you.

At this point, do not let go no matter how frightened you are, because any malevolent spirit will instantly see this as a sign of weakness and invade and possess your body. Hold on, even if it takes many hours, even if it takes until dawn. Eventually the spirit will tire of the game and the hand you hold will fade, melting away like ice.

However, be warned, because forever after, even on the hottest summer day, your hand will always be cold.
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