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Three Lomo Photos
diversion sign
My previous entry, Spot the Difference, was also posted in the Open Diary where a majority of readers are Americans. I couldn't help but notice that only the few Brit diarists there left equally flippant answers, having understood me immediately. The non-Brits took the whole thing very literally and many noters went on to list the differences they saw.

I now do spot a difference, and that difference is a gaping cultural chasm. Discuss.

Three pics taken with my Lomo LC1.

Escalator London Underground Shot.

Escalator Underground

I forgot to go inside this building to get the pot of gold. Damn!


Dalek Menaces Boy. Is there a Doctor in the building?

Boy Menaced By Dalek

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Oh, yes -- I think there are significant differences in linguistics and humour between the UK and America.

An Orange Dalek? Is it Gay?

Love all three shots. The first one reminds me of 'Time Tunnel' in the seventies.

You're thinking of the pink daleks.

D., where is your open diary that harvested all these American comments?

Scuse, not all Americans are thick.

I didn't say they were. But there are differences.

It must've been the phrase 'gaping cultural chasm' that I misinterpreted.

Enjoying all the photos lately, Tallguy. You're kind of sounding chirpier too - must be the fresh air.

Yes, after feeling dreadful last week, I'm now perfectly fine.

First photo is particularly cosmic, btw!

Are Open Diary readers of *all* nationalities just plain dim ?...Or, perhaps the US readers are just more capable of ironic comments than you give them credit for?
Of course, I grew up in NY, which doesn't really count as 'America'. I'm afraid people in the Heartland might just be that dumb, but it don't bear thinking about...

The Brits have a particular sense of the surreal which doesn't translate well, I think.

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