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About Photography
diversion sign
All seems well with my new Caplio R3 digital camera.

I've heard it said that there are rules for taking good photos. That, for example, you should never point your camera towards the sun, take photos when it's too dark, don't cut off people's heads/feet, etc. Well, I routinely break all of these rules. Read the 'How To' books and you'll learn how to take tasteful, but unimaginative pics. I often don't even bother to look through the view-finder. Don't think, just shoot, is the Lomo credo. Any camera above 3 megapixels can easily produce photos you can crop severely without any real loss of quality. So don't worry too much about framing it, as you can always fix it on the computer later. Having said that, I do try to avoid using too much Photoshop. I can't stand over-photoshopped images. I want to see the photo, not the software.

Photo of Tall Guy reflected in green-tinted motorbike wing mirror.

Wing Mirror

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i live to break these rules!

Well, you've got to, haven't you really?

absolutely. leave the rulebook for every other run of the mill photographer out there. one day i really must have a go on a lomo... fraid i'm not really one for digital or photoshop. have you seen those disposable lomos?

Disposible Lomos? I can't say I have. Production of the famous Lomo LC1 has now ceased, by the way, and the remaining ones are shooting up in price. I'm clinging onto mine, even though I don't use it much anymore.

I realise that with this entry, I'm preaching to the already talented and converted on LJ. I actually wrote it as a response to noters on Open Diary, but thought I'd post it here as well.

i did have one once, but the shutter didn't work so i gave it away and never got another. ah well.

What is a Lomo? And what's the big deal?

Here's pretty much the whole story of the cult little camera.


and yes to all the above!

I know next to NOTHING about photography (in terms of f numbers etc) and, although it would be useful (to get what I want instead of happy accidents), the great thing about digital cameras is you can snap away, change the light settings randomly etc and then just pick the best when you upload them. Crop to frame, otherwise leave untouched. Yes. Marvellous.

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