darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

My New Camera

I bought a new camera, a Caplio R3. A brand new model, just out. Only had the item two days when it broke and I had to take it back to the shop to be replaced (the zoom stuck and wouldn't retract). No problems with the replacement so far, but then I've only had it a couple of hours.

Anyway, on the way to the camera shop this morning to take the item back, I walked along the canal and took this shot with my old digital (Olympus Camedia C-310). To get this photo, I had to stand right on the edge of the water and shoot directly downwards, not only getting a shot of my feet, but the opposite building reflected in the mirror-clear water. You can see the flash too. No adjustments were made to this image. This is exactly how it looked, and I actually felt vertigo, standing there.


Having collected the replacement camera, I asked a perfect stranger whether I could take a photo of his dog. Got this nice shot.

Little White Dog

I bought this camera mainly for the macro (close-up) setting. This is a shot of water droplets on the purple windscreen of my neighbour's motorbike.

Purple Water

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