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Two Photos
Two photos taken with my beloved, but now little used, Lomo LC1 camera.

This shot was taken on the hospital grounds after a shift on the ward. I was quite amazed with the resulting image.

Floating Sixes

A lone dalek, attempting a solitary invasion of the National Film and Photography Museum, Bradford.


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How did you do that light effect on the first photo?

BTW. I'll try and get some house photos sorted at the weekend. I wish the days weren't so dark though.

A very slow shutter speed blurred the street lights while I waved the camera around in a circular manner.

Ah. Yes, I can see that now.

As usual, fab pics. Love your Hulk mascot as icon, too!

Hulk made by Louise Evans, other half of famed cartoonist Jonathan Edwards.


if I were in that group of people in pic 2 I'd be terrified. They don't seem to batting an eyelid!

I love that Dalek picture!

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