November 26th, 2009

Yellow head


Having finished Psychiatric Tales, and sent off the artwork to the publishers, I now feel strangely directionless. I'm in an odd twilight zone between the ending of the work and its publication in Feb. It isn't that I've nothing to do. I'm restarting my strip The Streets Of San Diablo for the Activate webcomic collective. I had to put the superhero/western/horror story on hold for a while, so that I could finish Psychiatric Tales. San Diablo will return in a four page episode this coming Monday Expect mindless violence.

There is a secret, secret thing happening with Psychiatric Tales which I'm not allowed to mention yet, as it it is a secret. Hopefully, very soon, I'll be in a position to announce what this thing is.

My plan is to launch Psychiatric Tales at the UK Web And Comix Thing in March, where I'll have a table ( I note that many of my comic book pals will also be there.

My long term plans include a second volume of Psychiatric Tales. There's still a ton of subjects I would like to talk about, including substance abuse, Electro Convulsive Therapy, borderline personality disorder, types of dementia, OCD, amongst others. There's plenty to get my teeth into.

I've also got good idea for a children's book, The Girl Who Cried Diamonds. I'll need to collaborate with another artist on this one, as my own style wouldn't quite fit the subject matter.

A recent photo. Yorkshire mist.