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diversion sign
I'm extremely grateful to all the people who have left me feedback recently. It's impossible for me to reply to everyone, because I'd never get any drawing done, and I've got many pages to do yet. I've had a few offers from people to help out with proofreading. To which thanks. However most of the mistakes have been corrected on the original files since these uploads, and my publisher will be doing a final pass anyway.

I'm aware that there are factual blunders (well, some confusion anyway) in the chapter on Personality Disorder, and I'l be rewriting/redrawing sections of that.

Here's what will probably be the cover of Psychiatric Tales.

Psychiatric Tales

Because This Tastes To More
diversion sign
A Dutch website neurobiologicalsociety.org featured Psychiatric Tales. Well I can't read Dutch, but Babelfish did present me with this useful translation. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Stripping maker Darryl Cunningham is hard to the work the book bring out `Psychiatric Tales'. Strip, expects in 2010, will concern several forms of mental suffering. On its web-unwieldly he gives in advance by the chapter concerning schizophrenia in its whole public a foretaste to make. Go that to see, because he to weet with simple pictures more to say than the proverbial thousand words. To let we hope that the book is produced rapidly, because this tastes to more.