January 14th, 2009

Gargax monster

The End of Sam and John

Thanks to everyone who left such kind words of support after the winging and moaning I did in my last entry. I'm quite fine really. I just feel the need to vent now and again (don't we all?).

I've been very busy this weekend, drawing up the last three pages of Super Sam and John Of The Night, for the Forbidden Planet blog. The story is finally done after more than a year of work. It's been something of a marathon. I'll be putting the whole story into more of a readable format quite soon. This new format will feature some redrawn pages and a slight restructuring of the page count (I plan to drop a couple of the early pages, as they're simply not very good and add nothing to the overall story).

So here then are the last five pages.

sam 66 space

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