October 24th, 2008

Yellow head

My Disciplinary Meeting at Work

At long last I had my disciplinary meeting at work, and oh dear, did they throw a library of books at me. According to the management, I'm lazy, incompetent, and I've undermined staff moral. I was attacked on just about every level, including being told that I was uncaring about the residents of the home. It was a personal attack that bears no resemblance to who I am and what I contribute to my place of work. Anyone who knows me and has worked with me in the past, won't recognise this as a true description.

It's strange that none of these concerns appeared until I got into a row with the Boss,in which I ended up calling him a bully. It was only a few months back that the owner was talking to me about taking a senior position. He was very complimentary to me at the time.

It's still not over, as the management say they'll get back to me within a couple of days, with a final decision. How I wish they would end it, as the situation is killing me. I'm determined to see it through to the end though, as quitting would be admitting defeat. I'd much rather they fired me. It would give me ammunition when I'm obliged to go to the Job Centre.

I feel very down about this situation. I've had a day off today, but have have struggled in finding a point in getting out of bed. It's all very terrible.