August 12th, 2008

Yellow head

Caption 2008

I haven't been to Caption for many years, as I'd got caught up in the world of psychiatric nursing, and I'd thought of myself as retired from all that comics stuff. Except, of course, there must have been a small part of me still holding out, as I never stopped drawing, and I continued to write and illustrate my own comics, even though no one saw them and there was no real chance of them being published. This is something I just do, because its in my blood.

So it was great to return to Caption and meet up with both new and old friends. I was totally inspired by the event. I received an incredibly warm welcome from everyone. The small press scene is very much like a family. You can be away, like I was, for years, and be welcomed back into the fold like you'd never been away. I must thank everyone for being so kind and generous.

Here as some photos.

Caption 2008

The Escape panel: Woodrow Phoenix, Ryan Hughes and Paul Gravett.

Caption 2008

Paul Gravett, Tony Hitchman and Gavin Burrows. 

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