April 4th, 2008

Yellow head

Recent Developments

This is one of those "I haven't written much in this diary lately " entries, which you see quite often around this site, usually followed by a list of excuses and the hope that the writer is still being bookmarked by other journal writers, despite the diarists absence.

Things are going well at work. It's taken me a long time to fit in there and feel at ease, but it has gradually came about. In many ways the place is a shambles. We did extremely badly in a recent residential home inspection. The inspectors found much wrong with the medication. There was a whole load of meds in the office, all out of date, which hadn't been sent back. There were frequent errors with the recording, and most seriously, with the controlled drugs. All these mistakes are due to poor staff training and incompetence. We're trying hard to rectify the many problems we have, but it's a slow, slow struggle.

The worst issue I have, concerning work, is the very poor wages I get. At this rate of pay, it will take me at least a year to get entirely out of debt. And even then, I simply won't be able to afford a place of my own, on this feeble amount of money. What I need to do is make extra money through selling artwork and suchlike. I don't particularly want to move to another job, even if it's better paid, when I feel so settled there. I'm trying to organize my life so that it's a stress free as possible. I deserve this after the hell of the last two years.

The main reason why I haven't done any painting while I've been staying at my parents, is that my mother really isn't that keen on the idea, as she's terrified that I'll get paint everywhere. Well it's my mother's house so I've abided by her rules. However, a friend offered a solution, pointing out that there were pens I could use on my canvases, instead of paint. Posca Pens are permanent and odourless, and extremely easy to use. Check out Jonathon Edwards' blog to see some of his posca paintings.