December 28th, 2007

Yellow head

Job and Computer News

Computers are crap. While I'm writing this, I know the computer will keep freezing up, and I'll have to restart the machine at least three times before I'll be able to finish the entry. I bought some software just before Christmas, which I hoped would sort out the problem, but having used it, there's been no difference. The machine only works in ten to fifteen minute stretches, and I can't use photoshop at all. This latter problem means that I can't do any artwork. I've missed two cartoon Super-Sam deadlines and I don't know when I'll be able to continue the strip for Forbidden Planet. I've let them know of my problems, but I do wonder how patient they'll be?

Lack of money means that I can't afford to get the machine repaired or replaced anytime soon.

Some good news is that I've decided to go back to that job, having discovered that they were keen for me to return, despite my walking out and being out of touch. I rang the area manager and he assured me that I would get the proper training I was worried I wasn't getting. He himself, he told me, would be taking over direct management of the home in early Jan, and would handle my training himself. Good, good, good.

So I will have money eventually, but it's going to be awhile.