December 26th, 2007

Yellow head

Making My First Million

I've had an idea which surely must make me my first million?

Looking through the many Christmas cards which had been sent to my parents, I noticed one that had been sent from a neighbour's dog to my parent's own dog, Barney. This was surprising to me, not just because the neighbour's dog had such excellent writing skills, but because surely, I thought, the merits of any greeting card would be lost on any canine animal. Dogs aren't much interested in reading. Very rarely have I seen one of man's best friends perusing Harry Potter or flicking through the latest issue of The Times after it has been delivered through the door. Most dogs I know are only interested in objects if they can eat them.

Which brings me to my idea: edible greeting card for dogs. Yes, Barney would have appreciated that card much more if he could have eaten it. As it was, our family dog gained no satisfaction from the card, but would have if it had been made of pressed and meat-flavoured rice paper, with a nice picture of a bone on it, or some other doggie-friendly image.

It's a winner, I'm convinced.

Or completely mad.