December 20th, 2007

Yellow head

Really Bad Situation (Again)

I've had to leave this latest job already. Disaster. The main reason being that I'd been asked to do something quite impossible. When I was interviewed, the owner of the care home, led me to understand that I'd be taking a senior care worker's roll. A bit above what I've done before, I thought, but it would be OK, because there would be training in place, I was promised. Well there's been no training.

The care home is a lovely place and the staff and residents I found to be very nice. However, I gradually realised that the management were both uncaring and incompetent. The home currently lacks a manager, which meant that the senior care worker there, was having to act up in that position. This was one shock I didn't expect, but what was worse was the knowledge that the senior care worker in question, was due to leave in eight days, and somehow I was supposed to learn her job and then take over as acting manager. Something I was never told at the interview. I feel I was tricked into taking the job. I've no experience in management and really haven't a clue about such things as ordering medication, or writing shift rotas, and suchlike. Every day I was there I felt more and more anxious about the situation. I knew I was totally out of my depth and would not be able to do the job once current senor care worker had left.

So what do I do now? I've no job, no money, and I'm extremely fearful about my future.