November 13th, 2007

Yellow head


The prozac is kicking in now, much earlier than I thought it would. The drug is normally thought to take two weeks to work, but I definitely feel the benefit already.

I've been making up packs of cards, printing some of my card designs out, and cutting and folding them into sets of four. The idea being to send them to greeting card companies in order to get their interest.

Here's the link to new Super-Sam comic strip. I drew it up over the weekend when I was feeling quite down and uninspired. It's amazing how depression can make your thinking sluggish. As a result, I don't think the strip is that good. Well it's OK, but I wish I'd put more into it. The gag is slight and the drawing is lacking in background details. Will do better next week. I've already got a good idea for it.

Recent photo of dawn over West Yorkshire. I'm so glad to have my camera back from repair. It only took SIX WEEKS.