August 2nd, 2007

paper town

Two Paintings

Two versions of the same image. Acrylic on canvas. he top painting is the newest version and the one which I think is the best. You may think differently however.

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Yellow head

Wild Strawberries

It seems that when I was in the garden the other day, I did an unpardonable thing. I've been finding the washing line too short, so I took it upon myself to move the line across the garden, in order to gain extra length. In doing this, I accidentally stood on my brother's strawberries. I was unaware of this until my mother informed me on the phone this evening. This then it seems, is the reason for the recent episode of music blasting out at all hours and abrupt cutting of my internet connection. Yes, it was careless of me to trample his plants and I shouldn't have done it, but it wasn't done on purpose, and it didn't warrant such a malicious and cruel response.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked that anyone could behave this way. I just don't understand and I'm extremely distressed.