July 16th, 2007

diversion sign

Competition Time

I though that I'd enter this competition:


I know one of the judges. Paul Gravet is someone who's been involved with the British comic's scene as long as I can remember. I doubt there'll be many entrants who he doesn't, at least, know of. Apart from the chance of winning the prize, (£1000), this will be a good chance for me to of get my work in front of some very influential people. My plan is to adapt a story from my psychiatric work. The difficulty will be getting a decent length story on to one page. I think I can do it, but the panel size will have to be reduced down from what I'm used to working with. It'll be good discipline.

It doesn't look like I won with my Threadless entry. 2,498 people voted. Average score: 2.14 out of 5. Checking briefly around the designs that have previously won, I note that the average appears to be 2. 80 out of 5. So I'm still a little short of the mark, but having said that, it is very encouraging. I'll be trying again shortly.