July 12th, 2007

Yellow head

Latest Bad News

I got a letter from the benefits agency, saying they were stopping my job seeker's allowance, as they believed I'd left my last job for no good reason. I can appeal against this, which I'm doing, and in the meantime have made a claim for hardship allowance. The local job centre could only help me so far, as their entire computer system was down. I filled in the inevitable form and gave it to the sympathetic woman. She assured me that she would ring me once the system was back online and inform me how to proceed with the appeal. Nothing yet.

Online, I found a job vacancy at a local care home and rang them this morning. The manager there asked me if I'd would come to the care home today. I said I would, and went there after I'd been to the joke centre.

Looks like a nice place. Very neat and tidy. Quite a large place with facility for 40 beds. The manager there interviewed me very informally. A smart, attractive women. Her questions were superficial and the interview didn't take long. I think she just wanted to take a look at me. I left with an application form and an odd feeling of things being not quite right. The manager (very nice) was honest in telling me that the care home was in some financial difficulty, and had been late paying the staff more than once. I told her that I was in no position to be choosy and was just keen to get work in an area I was very familiar with.

Things in the house remain tense between me and my brother. I don't really want to go into it in detail as the whole situation is extremely petty. I am often very distressed by events here through. Lee is one of those people who it's impossible to please. He's very controlling and obsessive. I could spend all day cleaning the house, putting huge efforts into it, and because of one thing: perhaps for example, I'd put the mop bucket in a different place, because I thought it easier to access, he's then not speak to me and stamp up and down the stairs, slamming his door. I'm always on edge here, because it's impossible to predict what will upset him. He's no idea how to interact with people. During his time here, he's made more than a few enemies, which is hardly surprising when you see how he treats people.