April 8th, 2007

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Ben Linus Drawing

Benjamin Linus: a.k.a Henry Gale, portrayed by Michael Emerson. Leader of The Others who live on the northern part of The Island. Skilled manipulator and liar. Lost.

Pencils and photoshop. Collapse )
Yellow head

Easter Entry: There is no God

Today I've hung out my washing and read a book. The book in question is Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion: which I find very appropriate for Easter Sunday. Dawkins is perhaps the most eminent living biologist and a long-time nemesis of religious thinking. He's sometimes mean-minded towards his opponents, but his occasional spitefulness doesn't detract from the power of his arguments. I'm not going to bother summing his opinions and theories up here. I'll just recommend the book as a highly stimulating read. His clarity of thought and breadth of knowledge, I find really enlightening.

The sections of the book of the religious right in the US is particularly interesting (and downright disturbing). People this extreme would be laughed at here in Europe, but in the US, it seems that they're not just taken seriously, but often voted into office. Check out this link here to see some lunatic opinions. I expect not much in this website will surprise many Americans, but we Europeans hardly ever see this kind of crazed hatefulness.