April 5th, 2007

Yellow head

Getting Better All The Time

Spring has arrived, it seems. Well it's sleeveless shirt hot here in England today. Things are much better with me. My mood is up. I've got a chance of a couple of jobs. One is a healthcare job, very similar to work I've done before. The other is completely different. It's working at a printers, which is conveniently next door to this house. I'm kinda torn between the two.

My mother has gone home now, leaving me and my brother to fend for our selves. We seem to be doing OK. Lee's health is good at the moment.

I'll write up a fuller entry tomorrow.

Spring in Newark.
Spring in Newark

Outside the Post Office sorting office, Newark. I didn't realise that I was standing on the Little Yellow Man until I saw the photo. 
Road Mirror