February 14th, 2007

Yellow head

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Well I've been in Newark for a week living with my brother already. The time has flown by and I certainly don't regret it. It's warm, I don't have to walk miles to do my laundry, I managed to get the internet set up straight away, and start painting again. There's still much sorting out to do, but it's mostly done. Once I'm more settled I plan to redecorate my bedroom

I received in the post today the returned deposit from my old flat. I didn't get all my money back, because a week's rent had to be deducted from the deposit. This is fair enough, but you know, these rental agencies always find someway to stiff money out of you. They charged me £38.30 for what they refer to as a "book out" fee. Jeez! So that's almost forty quid (80 dollars) for processing a bit of paper work. What crooks these people are.

On the plus side, I've just sold another painting. A cheque for fifty pounds should be coming soon. The buyer is interested in commissioning another five paintings, which is quite incredible. This guy wants to fill his TV room with paintings on a superhero theme. So I'm obviously the guy for that.

Macro shot of paint being mixed.

Macro Paint Swirl

Binman heroically desposes of household waste. Taken from my bedroom window.

He Throws The Bags In