October 27th, 2006

Yellow head

Drips and Star Wars

I've still got problems with my kitchen skylight. The roofers who were working on on the other part of the house, dropped rubble onto my kitchen roof when they were dismantling a chimney, up there. Not much rubble, but enough to crack a few slates and let water in when it rains. I've had water dripping onto the cooker, the benches, the floor, and from the light bulb and fire detecter. Horrible brown water. I have to have buckets and bowls all over the place when it rains.

The landlord came round, and was suitably apologetic and embarrassed. He's hoping to get the roofers back on Monday (they'd moved on to another job).

I'm not a big fan of Star Wars, but Jonathan Edwards is, and he asked me if I would make a stormtrooper figure, in return for some of his artwork. An offer I couldn't refuse.