September 26th, 2006

Yellow head

First Day Back In College

Well that was my first day back, and it was fine, except that I had a migraine throughout, which didn't recede until the early hours of this morning. It's obviously a different class I've dropped into, but there were a couple of familiar faces: both people I knew from my time working at the hospital.

As I'd already done a couple of months of my third year before being off sick, I'm effectively redoing work I've already done. The tutor told me that I didn't have to sit in these classes if I didn't want to. I said, I rather sit in, as it would help me find my feet again. I won't sit in every class, because some of the lectures will going over ground that I remember well. Other points I'm hazy about, so I'll join in. Also, one of the assignments (health promotion) is split in two sections which are marked individually: an action plan and a reflective account. As I'd already done the action plan, and apparently passed (I was amazed to hear this, as I'd convinced myself that I'd failed), I don't have to do this section. To which I say hurrah!

Not back in college now until Friday, but they've piled loads of reading on us, to be worked through by then. I have to read, amongst other things, the Department of Health's National Service Framework for Mental Health, which I've read before, but can't remember a thing about it.

What else. Were having a very nice Indian Summer here in England. Very mild and warm. I'm working on further art toys (as I've decided to call them). A very tall figure wearing a top hat is under construction right now. I'm hoping to have a few items for sale on my Website before too long.