September 23rd, 2006

diversion sign

Days Off, With Bookcase

I've been quite lethargic during my week off. I've been continuing (at a slow pace) to make more figurines, but the painting I wanted to do, I've not even started. Nor have I put the shop together on my website. Must try harder.

I ordered a huge bookcase from Habitat, which came yesterday. I spend the afternoon wrestling with this seven foot tall bookcase until it gave in. I took great satisfaction in putting my books on the shelves, and I'm so pleased with it, that I keep going back to look at it again. I've been wanting a decent bookcase for years.

Two days before I go back to college.

Second attempt by me to do a Batman figure. 14cm tall. Made from carboard, papermachie, screws (for the ears) and modelling clay. More dramatic and satifying than the first model, I think.

Apple Man
Apple Man

Dried Cranberries. Moments after I took this photo, I ate the subject.
Dried Cranberries

Detail of a large acrylic painting done some years ago.
Big Painting

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