September 3rd, 2006

Yellow head

At The End Of Summer

I've neglected this diary recently. Must do better. Work is going well. Life as a health care worker, even on an acute psychiatric ward, seems like a holiday compared to being a nursing student. I was an HCA for years, so I've easily fitted back into the role.

However, In another three weeks I'll be back at college to start my third and final year. I feel somewhat ambiguous about this, but believe I must finish what I started. My health is good, so I'm ready to give it another try.

The flat is developing well. I've got myself a new bed, computer desk and chair, a chest of draws, but still need bookcases to finish things off. There's so many painting on the walls, that visitors have remarked that it looks like an art gallery. Which is exactly what I had in mind.

Recent sculptures.

Pinny Pinhead.
Pinny Pinhead

Elephant in pink chair.