June 21st, 2006

paper town

NHS Crisis

I know my entries have been kind of light lately. But to be honest, not a great deal has been happening. I've been spending my days pottering about at home, making paper mashie objects and painting canvases, and generally enjoying the summer. My sick note ends this Thursday, but I'm planning on extending it further, if I can.

I went into nursing college at twelve, as I knew the class were in today and I wanted to catch them on their break. It was nice to see people and tell them what I was doing. I made sure I got a few mobile numbers, so I could keep in touch. The students are very worried about the current job situation. The two billion pound National Health Service overspend is hitting every trust and hospital hard, with wards closing and community teams being merged. My immediate boss, the Modern Matron (who is a bloke) has lost his job, as a whole tier of management has been phased out. Tough times. My class will be qualifying next Feb, and there'll be no vacancies anywhere. It seems I've done myself a favour dropping out for a year. By the time I qualify, the financial situation will hopefully have been resolved.

According to my Occupational Health councillor, part of this financial crisis is due to the Enron effect. The government has forced the NHS to be more honest with its accounting, so deficiencies have come to light that in the past would have been hidden. The result is crisis, but in the long run this hard medicine can only be good for the NHS, as the resulting bottom line will be real and solid.