June 17th, 2006

diversion sign

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The weather continues warm. This is good because it makes for great drying weather. I place my paper mashie objects and paintings on the shed roof to dry. The roof is corrugated metal and so gets nicely warm in the sun. Doing this stuff is going to be difficult in the winter. Paper mashie can take an age to dry out. My plan is to have a store of dried paper mashie bowls and sculptures, ready to paint over the cold months.

I'll write an entry on how I do the paper mashie stuff, illustrated with photos, at some point.

England is doing well in the World Cup, having won both games and already qualified for the next round. However, if you listened to the sports pundits, you'd think we'd lost and were out already. It's all doom and gloom on the TV and in the papers. Yes, I know the team is a below par, but so are Brazil and Germany. Would it kill anyone to be a bit more positive? I suspect if we won the World Cup some people would still find things to moan about. It's a typically English attitude. Bah!

More pics.

Macro shot of swirling paint in a pallet.

Red Yellow Paint Swirl

Men on a train. Bradford interchange.


Keighley Tarn.

Bucket in Water

I can now do very good quality 8 by 12 inch prints of these photos. Email me if you're interested.