June 3rd, 2006

paper town

Notification of Eviction

Got the expected letter from the landlord today, confirming that I'll have to vacate the premises in August. However, by then next door (also owned by the landlord) will be fully renovated, and I've got first choice on the mirror flat to my own on the other side of the wall. I went around to see Dave the Landlord, and found him watering the plants outside what will be my new flat. He broke off from his gardening to give me a guided tour of the half renovated side of the vast white-painted semi, which he owns and I live in.

All the tenants have received this letter, but a few it seems, have not been given the chance of moving over. I think Dave wants a more mixed set up of people in the house, and not just a load of single blokes (and Maria). He wants more women, couples, and generally a more interesting social set up. So some of the lone men have been given their marching orders, and they are very disgruntled, as they believe they are being kicked out for no good reason. I think both me and Maria (the goth girl who lives upstairs) were always going to be safe, as we're seen as Interesting Characters. Maria is a red-haired, leather jacket-wearing motor bike girl, and I'm an artist.

It's tough on the others, and I'm hoping I might be able to put in a good word for Scott, who lives on the top floor. He's being evicted, despite being a nice bloke who is no trouble to anyone. In Dave's eyes, it seems, Scott has committed the unpardonable crime of being dull.