May 17th, 2006

Gargax monster

Big Toe

I've been into college to see my tutor. I told him that I wouldn't be starting the next trimester (in two weeks), but would prefer to restart the third year in September. He was quite happy with this. Its a little complicated, because I'm seconded from the hospital and therefore still in their employ. A meeting is going to be arranged with the Modern Matron (who is a bloke) to discuss the deferment.

I was moving the sofa around on Sunday, when I accidentally dropped it on my foot. At first I thought I'd just stubbed my toe, but later, felt an odd wet feeling in my shoe. Sure enough, my shoe was full of blood. I'd broken the nail on my big toe and it was hanging off by a thread. I've bound it up and it seems to be healing nicely. Looks worse than it is.
Gargax monster

Preparing the Big Move

The trouble with nursing, especially when your both training and having to work on placement, is that it takes over your whole life, leaving little room for anything else. In the time I've been off sick, I've managed to catch up on a lot of things which had been left on the back-burner, some of them for years. I've got my passport sorted out, and fixed at long last, my iBook. The machine had been difficult for some time, crashing frequently and even presenting the fearsome Black Screen of Death. However, after spending some time talking to the guy at Apple Support (some bloke in India, I suspect), he managed to locate the problem and it's now running fine. Hurrah!

I've also been preparing for the Big Move. Yes, I'm moving to a new flat, which is as far away as next door. In fact it's the mirror flat to mine in the adjoining house. Back in April the property I live changed hands, with the new landlord buying both houses. Currently the flats next door are being renovated and I've got first choice on the ground floor flat. This particular flat will have a new bathroom, will have its own front door (every one else will have to use the main entrance). It's got a phone line already in (again, many of the other flats don't), and there's cable running out to the TV ariel on the roof (poor reception has been a continuous problem on this side of the building).

I've spent a lot of time recently sorting though my belongings and divesting myself of unnecessary items. A lot of stuff has gone in the builder's skip or gone out with the rubbish, I've taken about half my books to charity shops, and I've also put a few things on eBay. I don't plan to move with boxes of stuff that I don't need and never look at. I've been utterly ruthless in making my choices.

I've also been shopping, buying new cushions, a new rug, a fruit bowl, a wastepaper basket, storage boxes, and a breadbin. I'll also be investing in new lampshades and new bedding. My feet hurt from all the walking up into town and carrying bundles of shopping I've been doing over the past few days.

Hopefully I'll be into the new place by July. At the moment, work's kinda halted next door as they're waiting for the plasterers, who should have started weeks ago. The landlord's fuming about this.