February 20th, 2006

Yellow head

Strange Residence

The landlord informs me that the rich guy who lives next door, who has built himself an award-winning home, is in the process of buying the house. The sale will be completed at the end of the current tax year (April). Keep this information under your hat, Ron the Landlord told me. Which is a bit pointless, as first of all I don't have a hat, and secondly, everyone knows about this sale already and has done for months.

I live in a huge, white-painted, crumbling Victorian edifice, which looms over the local area like a vast iceburg. Once the residence of rich industrialist (the original owner was a glass manufacturer who owned a factory in this town), it's long been broken up into flat/bedsits. I'm on the ground floor with my own separate kitchen and access to a yard. Everyone else has to cope with just the one room. So it goes.

Many people have come and gone over the years, but three residents have remained constant: yours truly, the handsomest Tall Guy in the world, Maria the attractive bike-owning goth-girl who lives upstairs, and Tivo Tim, the strange creature who lives across the hall from me.

I sometimes fancy we live in a gothic novel.

Here's a pic, looking upwards from the yard (where Maria parks her two bikes).