January 23rd, 2006

diversion sign

An Enormous Burst of Creative Energy

Noters have commented that my depression appears to have lifted. Too right, in fact it's completely gone. I'm very much back to my old self, and never even got around to visiting the doctor to ask for more meds.

The new camera I bought, the Caplio Ricoh R3, although as expensive as several pairs of arms and legs, has been worth every penny. It's given me a totally new creative direction and the ability to take photographs that would have been impossible previously.

Here are three examples.

Gold Town. I think you'll be able to see where I'm going with this idea. It needs further development yet though.

Gold Town

Boots and Yellow Lines.

Boots and Yellow Lines

Giant Hand Shadow.

Giant Hand Shadow

Thanks to everyone for your support through the shaky time I had recently. Ta!