December 18th, 2005

Yellow head

Kong and I

King Kong was overlong, uneven, and some might say overindulgent. But despite its flaws, the film is an epic thrill ride. I'd heard that Kong himself was created via some fancy computer programme, but it was clear to me when watching the film, that they'd cast the real King Kong himself. The big guy puts in a great performance and his interaction with Niaomi Watts, in the Fay Wray role, is an absolute delight. Utterly charming.

Other highlights of the film include, Kong's knockdown fight with three dinosaurs, Andy Serkis's hilarious turn as the grizzled ship's cook, the horrifying scene in the pit of giant bugs, and Jack Black's despicable, but somehow likeable rogue film director.

Other matters. I've started working on my website. Don't ask me when this long-awaited item will be online, as I'm having to the learn the software as I go along. Seems reasonably simple though. The image reproduced below will feature on the intro page.