November 16th, 2005

Yellow head


Every alternate Wednesday is usually a day off from placement (actually a study day, but who studies?). However today I went into the placement specially, because I knew they'd be a number of patients to be seen in clinic today, who were due their depots (regular inter-muscular injections of an anti-psychotic drug, of one sort or another). I'd arranged with my assessor to come in so that I would have a chance to do some, if not all, of the injections.

I don't have a problem giving the injections, it's the drawing up of the drug I have problems with. It's difficult to place the needle in the tiny bottle of drug, and then draw up the liquid into the syringe at the same time, because you have to find a way of holding the syringe in one hand, and yet somehow draw back the plunger with that same hand. Tricky when you've only got two hands, instead of three.

It's a faff around, which you should really do quickly and efficiently, in order to keep the patient at ease. The last thing you want a patient to see is that you're incompetent in any way.

All went well. I did three patients in clinic, and then accompanied by my assessor, I went out and visited a client at his own home, and I jabbed him there. None of the patients complained, and they all said they hadn't felt a thing. I've had so much experience injecting patients on this placement, that my confidence has really gone up. I'm quickly getting to the point where It'll be second nature to me.

These injection usually go into the muscle of the patient's bum, where the drug is slowly released over a period of either two weeks or a month. It's generally a good way of ensuring drug compliance and keeping people out of hospital.

I'm listening to a lot chill-out music at the moment: Blue States, Thievery Corporation and the very strange Boards of Canada. I just couldn't live without my iPod, you know.