November 13th, 2005

Yellow head


I've been feeling slightly paranoid, after yesterday's appalling incident (see last entry). But I'm sure I can shake this off in a couple of days. I really resent having to be careful when out taking photographs. I've done nothing wrong and I shouldn't have to justify it. It's not going to stop me doing what I've been doing for years without incident.

A friend sent me this comment after I'd e-mailed him about what happened.

"That's horrible. A friend of Louise's in college (a Greek lad) lived in a flat in Salford and was on a photography course. The kids round there saw him every day with his camera and constantly pestered him to take their photo. In the end he did just to shut them up. Later that night he heard a banging on his door and when he opened it was greeted by a crowd of furious Salford parents who accused him of being a paedophile. He managed to calm them down eventually but only after opening his camera and destroying the roll of film that was in there at the time. This is the type of climate the Sun and the Mail create with their paranoia. Lots of innocent people hounded by ignorant thugs."

Here's a photo I took today.

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