November 12th, 2005

Yellow head


The injection I did this morning went well. It's the most composed and together I've yet been when jabbing someone (ow!). The gentleman, who had come to the clinic for his monthly depocote injection (an antipsychotic drug), told me that he hadn't felt a thing. Actually it's not the actual jabbing that I have a problem with. The injection is the easiest part of the procedure. It's the drawing up of the drug into the syringe, I find difficult. You need at least three hands, it seems to me, and I've only got two.

I finished early from my placement. Went up into town just as the sun was setting over the rooftops of the terraced houses. I thought I'd take a few photos. This is the same area where I took the pic featured last entry. However, I'd only just taken the one photo, when a young lad of about nineteen, riding past on his bike, called me a pervert.

At first I didn't hear what he'd said, because I had my iPod on. He repeated the phrase when I pulled the ear plugs out. I responded by telling him to fuck off!

The lad immediately jumped from his bike and came over to me, standing at punching distance. I stood my ground. This kid was unable to think why I was taking photos of the houses, other than for perverted reasons. He actually started shouting out, "pervert! There's a pervert here!"

Furious, I told him that if he really believed that I was a pervert, then he should phone the police. You've got a mobile, I told him, why not use it and let's sort this out?

I was really worried that he was going to physically attack me, but he turned out to be all bluff, probably put off by the fact that I wasn't the least bit frightened.

After further shouting nonsense, he got back on his bike and rode away, leaving me both relieved and distressed by the incident. I've not stopped thinking about it since.

Will this stop me from taking further photos when I'm out? Absolutely not.

Page three of the current strip. I've not been able to do much cartoon work this week, but I hope to get two further pages done over the weekend. This strip was originally to be about personality disorders, but I'm going to shift the focus to the public's view of psychiatric patients and their perceived dangerousness. I'm planning to approach the whole PD subject from another angle.