October 31st, 2005

Yellow head

I've Utterly Failed to Ask that Woman Out

Well, I've utterly failed to ask that woman out. The main problem here, is that the office is always full of people who can hear everything you say. It's difficult enough to ask someone out, as it is, without having an audience there as well. I'll have to wait until I somehow manage to get a moment alone with her.

She's a very nice 38 year old (39 on Sunday), slim, pretty, unattached: one of the social workers in the mental health team. I suspect it will come as a surprise to her when I finally get around to asking, but I'm hoping she'll take me seriously.

I may rope in another member of the team, both to confide in, and help me organise this stalking ... er ... asking her out.

Any suggestions?

Here's a photo I took.