October 30th, 2005

Yellow head

Some of my Noters are Prejudiced

I was quite annoyed, at first, by some of the notes left on the Open Diary about my last entry, which showed real prejudice against a mentally ill man (not here on LiveJournal though). But then I began to think that most noters don't have the benefit of my experience and training in mental health. They don't know what I know. So I can't condemn people for not having the same life experience as myself.

Let's just go through why I think this man isn't a danger to anyone. When assessing any individual who is suffering from a mental illness, you have to look at the Form and Content of any delusions they may be experiencing. Strip away all the florid secondary delusional stuff about the Moor's Murderers and the baby-attacking dog, and you will see that this man's delusions centre on his body: the eyes, his back, his internal organs, the imagined injuries to his head. What he's suffering is a kind of super-hypochondria

All the other stuff he believes, are extra delusions which he's come up with in order to explain the strange sensations he's experiencing, formed out of his darkest fears. This situation is compounded by the fact that he really is suffering an abdominal illness, the stress of which will have intensified his psychiatric problems. The real danger is that he might deteriorate further and become unable to function.

Anyway, he's been given an out-patient's appointment to see a psychiatrist in clinic, who will assess and prescribe suitable medication. There's a social worker and community psychiatric nurse allocated to him, who will keep tabs on him to see how he's doing.

Gone are the days when we just yanked people into hospital for having strange beliefs, and thank god for that. We should be allowed our beliefs as long as they are not hurtful to ourselves or to others.

What a strange Autumn it's been in England. The last few days of October have been as warm as many of the days we had in June. Today the clocks have turned back, so it's almost dark at five. But it remains mild. Will Winter ever come?

There's a very nice woman in the community team I'm currently placed with, who I'm intending to ask out. Wish me luck with that.
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