October 23rd, 2005

Yellow head

The Last Page of Darkness

Finally I've finished that strip on depression. The seventh and last page wasn't too difficult really, but I'll be glad not to have to draw rain for awhile. As in the previous page, I had to do a certain amount of computer-jiggery pokery to get the balance of black and white in the frames correct (see two entries back for a description of how I approach drawing these pages).

Mysteriously I've not heard a thing from either of the two publishers I recently sent material to. I'll have to start looking around for a sympathetic literary agent, I think.

Yellow head

Insert Your Delusion Here

I've had the idea for this one page strip for some time. It's nice to be able to finish a strip on the same day I started it. This is the 26th page of the Psychiatric Tales project. I've still got a great deal to do though.

One noter on the OpenDiary has privately accused me of making fun of the patients featured in this strip. I knew someone would think this. But all I can say in response, is that this is one page out of a whole book, and it has to be seen in context with the other material I've done. Plus, the statements which ill patients make can be startling and funny, and it shows no disrepect to them to report what they've said. Strips I've yet to do will show further context to this material. Have faith.