October 14th, 2005

Yellow head

Community Placement

I've started my new placement this week. I'm working with a local mental health team. These days, the mental health community teams are integrated: meaning that they're composed of both psychiatric mental health nurses and social workers. This particular team cover the outer suburbs of a nearby town. They visit and support clients in their homes or in the supported housing where they live. Many of these clients I know already from my days on the acute wards. It's interesting to see people in the context of their own home. Plus, previously, of course, I would never see these individuals unless they were ill. In this placement I'll get to see people when they are stable and well for a change.

They're a nice group to work with who have made me feel very at home. It's a little dull, at times, because I have to fit in around what the other members of the team are doing. Often I've been left with not much to do except read office literature or the mental health magazines shelved in the office. However, it's a nice restive change from all the tiring physical work I did on the dementia ward.

I've helped out with the lithium blood clinic, visited a few clients at home, been to the weekly client review meeting, picked the brains of the team, and listened to gossip (an important way of learning the job).

The downside is that I can no longer just walk up to the hospital, I have to get a bus to the nearby town. I don't mind this so much, as I do the expense. I'm hoping the college will reimburse me, some, if not all the money.

Odd fact. The bus goes past the zoo. Yesterday I was treated to the sight of a rhino standing in the English rain.

Good news. I passed that second assignment: the one on mental health of the elderly, with a very respectable fifty-five.

I'll write more about this placement when I've got more time at the weekend. Plus, I'll post more comic strip pages. See ya!