September 28th, 2005

Yellow head

Not Much

Taking it easy at the moment. My mood is good. The Prozac is very effective. However, I'm having a few side-effects which are making things uncomfortable for me. I'm always too hot, and my energy levels are low (probably because I'm burning up all my energy in heat). I'm going to try dropping the dose, to see if I can get some of my strength back. If I even get a hint that my mood is dropping again, I'll return to my current dose.

I wanted to learn about mental health, but this isn't quite what I had in mind. Bah!

We've now started the new trimester at college. My new placement in with one of the community psychiatric nurse teams. This should be interesting, as all my experiences so far have been on the wards and I've done nothing in the community.

I've today sent off a submission to a publisher in the States. They were very complimentary about the Uncle Bob tales when I sent them off a few months back, even though they didn't feel it was for them. The Psychiatric Tales project should be much more up their street.

Thanks to everyone for the kind notes you left about my recent cartoon work. It's made me feel I'm on the right track with this material.

I've started a new strip today, which I suspect will be another ten pager. It's about depression.
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