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Last Drawing of 2005
Yellow head
I've been working on this drawing all through the holidays, and I expect I'll be tinkering with it for a while yet. However it is essentially finished, and not a minute too soon. I remember now why I don't do these complex drawings very often. They're very hard work.

A4 prints of this pic will be available if anyone's interested? Happy new year everyone.

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My back hurts from drawing this. I suffer for my art, you know.

I love the colours! How much will you charge for prints?

five pounds ($8.50), plus £2.00 for postage, depending on where you are. I can be paid through PayPal easiest.

You keep displaying new pictures, so I keep changing my mind about which one I want!

Happy New Year, Darryl.

Hope you have a great 2006. Take care.

WOW! I woulD LOVE a pic of that! What must i do oh mighty drawer to get one?!!

Please tell!



I'm selling prints for five pounds. You can either send money, or pay me by PayPal. darryltoon@mac.com for further details.

Happy new year.

I love it! The giraffe is my favorite part.

And the great thing about it is that I only had to draw the head and neck.

so cuuuute!! superman batman!!??? what are you guys talking about???

Saving the world (again) no doubt, probably from Finkenstein's latest world domination plan.

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