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Still Working on my Website
Yellow head
I've drawn up a new image for my eventual website front page. It will, of course, eventually link to pages of other material and have a masthead.

Any thoughts?

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I can't put Daleks in everything. No wait, actually I can.

It's good - reminds me of the band Linus' homepage.

Clearly, Andy still has some influence over me. I'm sure he would have loved the work I'm doing now.

I didn't know that you knew him. I think he would have loved your stuff too.

We'd met at many comics related events over the years, as well as when Linus was touring. I'd been out of touch with him for a long time, but when I began my LJ diary, we started communicating again.

You're missing a section that says 'BUY'.

Don't worry. Each section will have a Buy facility.

10 yr old daughter and I both think it is excellent

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