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More Ayn Rand
diversion sign
A page from my strip on ayn Rand.

Rand 21

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What's she writing on that keypad? Is it a fan letter to an up and coming serial killer?

She was never the fan of a serial killer. Never. Hickman (who was legally innocent at the time she observed him) very much included.

I know, right? Just because she admired a serial killer doesn't mean she was a serial killer admirer!

I know, right? Just because she said, in the private literary journal she wrote at about age twenty three, that he was probably a purposeless monster and that what was significant to her was the crowd's reaction to him, we can't let that debunked talking point die!

Direct quote: "The model for the boy [in my story] is Hickman. Very far from him, of course. The outside of Hickman, but not the inside. Much deeper and much more. A Hickman with a purpose. And without the degeneracy. It is more exact to say that the model is not Hickman, but what Hickman suggested to me." - http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=604618

Just as to timeframe, by your argument the statement "ff00f pooped his diapers!!1!" is accurate because, at a much earlier time, you did.

The more I read the more I think she was just neurotic.

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