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How To Fake A Moon Landing
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I've been sent an advance copy of the Abrams' US version of Science Tales, and very good it looks too. Out in March. I'll be over in New York to promote it at this year's MoCCA comic fest.

How to Fake A Moon Landing

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That title is a funny bait and switch. I wonder if the blogs are already firing up about how you're on the take from the conspiracy.

I came across comments on a friend's post on Facebook, which was all about "proofs" of fake moon landings based on how flags "ought" to look in a vacuum, and ideas of aliens living on the moon and the Government hiding that from us. Their proof - some "Russian Ham Radio enthusiasts" had overhead all this!

Assuming the landings were faked (which we both know isn't the case) the Soviet Union's surveilance of the moon landings would have brought that to light fairly quickly, never mind ham radio enthusiasts! In the cold war the Soviets would have exposed it all to take down the status of the US. But of course they didn't, because it happened.

Facebook is a strange place where evidence seems unwanted.

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