darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Tiger, Tiger

A tiger was delivered yesterday, which I immediately installed in my computer. Yes, I've upgraded my eMac to the latest operating system. Tiger is top.

The Dashboard wigets are fun, and some of them are even useful. The new RSS Safari browser is astounding.
Mail looks so much better. I've now finally seen many of the trailers I couldn't previously watch, thanks to the upgraded Quicktime.

This, combined with the fact that I've recently gone broadband, has made a huge difference to me. I feel like I've finally found out what a computer is for.

Has anyone advise on what is the best and easiest web-building software out there, baring in mind that I'm a total novice?

The pic shown below, was the very first drawing I did using Photoshop, some years ago. It still stands up pretty well, I think.


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