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How To Fake A Moon Landing
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Here's the cover to the US Abram's version of Science Tales. Expanded from the UK Myriad Editions version to include a chapter on gas fracking. Due out next March.

I received news this week that Korean editions of both Science Tales and Psychiatric Tales will be appearing sometime over the next 18 months. So it's all happening.


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Am still amazed at how many folk would rather believe the moon landings were faked, than marvel at the shear courage and faith that got the US Astronauts there with what they had - with on-board computers that had a DSKY interface and less power than most current calculators! I blame partly the film Capricorn One which was made in the aftermath of Watergate (and if you see Diamonds are Forever there's a reference as well) that made such faking look so easy, without answering the hard question that ought to be faked first. Western Society is firmly entrenched in TV and film effects seeming "more real" than the real live footage.

That is, even if the landings were faked, it would have have been done in the middle of the the Cold War before the USA's re-establishing relations with China. Even if you could fake the effects and footage from the moon (and the Mythbusters busted a lot of that), it would be almost impossible to fake radio transmissions from space from the Astronauts which would have been monitored by the USSR and PRC. Any anomolies would have been exploited and revealed for propaganda purposes.

The other part I think is a certain degree of hubris on the part of US citizens. The emotional argument goes "If we really got to the moon, how come we don't have a base there? Where's the 2001 orbital hotel? Where's my flying cars, jet packs and bubble city on the moon?" All of which seems to ignore the economic and practical issues of doing any of those things. Sure, it'd be nice to to have communities and colonies in space, but until issues with muscle degradation and cosmic radiation are solved, that's unlikely to happen is it? But in any case, easy to believe in a conspiracy than to admit one's grasp is sometimes beyond one's reach.

Too true. I couldn't have written it better myself.

Something that the moon-fake CTers ignore is that in order to fake something, you first have to have to know what to fake. So, to fake a Moon landing when nobody had ever landed on the Moon, you'd need a huge team of scientists, researchers, engineers and technicians to design and build all the equipment that would be seen on screen; they would also have to work out what the Moon's surface should look like, what space should look like from the Moon, how things would move in Lunar gravity and so on and so forth, down to the tiniest detail.
And doing all of that would take almost as much time, money, resources and personnel as going to the Moon for real would.

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